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dir. Mia Resella, 2016. Coyote tricks the Storyteller into giving the fable animals more stories.

Writer, producer, director, animator: Mia Resella. Voice talent: Paola Mardo, Fred Tatasciore. Composer: Josh Rodriguez. Made possible in part by the generous support of Matt Groening.


dir. Mia Resella, 2015. A boy and his shadow get into mischief. "Shadow" premiered Dec. 12th, 2015 at the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival. Writer, director, producer, animator: Mia Resella. Composer: Brandon Kerr. Created at the UCLA Animation Workshop and made possible in part by the generous support of Matt Groening.

Full Moon Club

dir. Zao Wang, 2015. A young man stumbles upon a secret werewolf hunting club in the woods and falls in love with the club's leader, but is unsure whether or not to believe them. Writer: Mia Resella. Producers: Mia Resella and Zao Wang. Made possible by Bad Robot.

The Vashta Nerada

dir. Mia Resella, 2013. A handcrafted shadowplay inspired by the Doctor Who episode, "Silence in the Library." Originally created for "13 Days 13 Shorts" and later aired on Geek & Sundry's "Halloweek." Writer, producer, director, animator, voice talent: Mia Resella.

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Future Girl

Role: guest writer

Created by Rick Budd and Nick Gilman, Future Girl is a series about three roommates from different time periods. Episode 3, "Thurseblot," written by Mia Resella.

The Red Shirt Diaries, Season 2

Role: staff writer

dir. Jason Inman. Created by Jason Inman and Ashley V. Robinson. Episode: "Tomorrow is Yesterday," written by Mia Resella and Ashley V. Robinson.

Social Medium

Role: staff writer

dir. Mitch Yapko, showrunners Tara Jayn and Brian Newlin. Episodes: Angel Investor (pt. 1, 2, and 3), Bump in the Night (co-writer).

2 Broke Geeks

Role: co-creator, co-host

Geeky videos, on a budget!

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short films

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