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Mia Resella is a television writer who has worked primarily in animation, for studios such as Netflix, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, Bad Robot, and more, including all age ranges (adult, YA, family, kids, and pre-K). They are best known for their work as a writer on the GLAAD Award winning "Dead End: Paranormal Park," which features a trans teen lead, and for being the story editor/writer on "Young Jedi Adventures," Lucasfilm's first animated series that introduces Star Wars to a younger (pre-K) audience. They are also known for being a writer on Disney's "The Ghost and Molly McGee," which features a half-Asian teen girl lead and her ghost best friend. Their first television staff writing job was on the Emmy-award winning children's show "Vampirina."

Their career in animation was launched after they were a selected participant in the Nickelodeon Writing Program. Prior to that, Mia was a part of the Geek & Sundry network as part of web duo "2 Broke Geeks." They graduated improvisational comedy training from the Upright Citizens Brigade and used to perform with the Santa Barbara improv troupe, "improvability." Mia also holds a Film & Media Studies degree from U.C. Santa Barbara and an MFA from the UCLA Animation Workshop. Their student animated films were partially funded by Matt Groening and circulated various film festivals.

Mia enjoys writing original stories with comedy, heart, and world-building. They are also passionate about providing representation for under-represented groups and portraying a world that reflects their lived experience. Mia is a songwriter and musician, and a member of TAG and BMI.


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