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"Normal, North Dakota," original pilot

"Wish Well," spec, Gravity Falls

"Foil," spec, Man Seeking Woman

"Super Tornado," spec, Parks & Rec

"Double Negative," spec, How I Met Your Mother

"Sicko," spec, The Simpsons

"The Boy Witch," animated feature

"Petite Appetite," animated feature


RALF comic


"Coyote and the New Beginning," animated short dir. Mia Resella, 2016.

"Shadow," animated short dir. Mia Resella, 2015.


"Full Moon Club," dir. Zao Wang 2015.


"The Vashta Nerada," shadowplay featured on YouTube's 'Halloweek', dir. Mia Resella.

Web Series

Future Girl, created by Nick Gilman and Rick Budd, 2016.


The Red Shirt Diaries, created by Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson, 2015.

       "City on the Edge of Forever," "Tomorrow is Yesterday"

Social Medium, created by Brian Newlin and Tara Jayn, 2015.

        "Angel Investor," "Only One Not Celebrating"

Sample zine


"Memories (that keep me up at night)"

"To lose someone..."

"A Monster a Day" Poetry Book

"Suffering from Depression"

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