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2 Broke Geeks

Hosted on Geek & Sundry Vlogs, this ongoing web series is co-hosted by Omar Najam and features largely instructional and "edutainment" style videos covering DIY, money-saving tips, and broke adventures in geekdom. Role: Co-creator, co-host.

The Red Shirt Diaries

Satirical Star Trek inspired web series, dir. Jason Inman 2014. Written/directed by Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria-Robinson, starring Ashley Victoria-Robinson.

Logline: A low-ranking "red shirt" security officer on the Enterprise strives to stay alive as the events of Star Trek episodes unfold around her.

Role: Actor, season 1 (season 2 -- writer)


An improvised comedic web series in which Mia and a guest create a story based on audience suggestion -- with toys. Role: Creator, host, showrunner

Mia Hasn't Seen Sh*t

In this series, Mia watches incredibly popular and well-known movies that she has never seen before and makes predictions on what the movie is about based on limited pop culture references. There is also an accompanying livestream in which an audience engages during the film. Role: Creator, co-host.

Draw My News

This weekly series from New Media Rockstars features different characters from popular culture recapping the latest news stories, while a "Draw My Life" whiteboard animation illustrates. Role: Storyboards and artist.

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